JJ Richards, GM of Massive, breaks down the argument for in-game ads into a patriotic proposition.  If asked if they like taxes, people will say no.  If the question is changed to whether they like living in the U.S., which most know taxes heartily, their answers change.

Talking to Ars Technica, Richards says his company has changed the question when it comes to asking gamers about in-game ads.  Research at Massive focuses less on the broad question and more on discovering where ads would be acceptable.  They put gamers in environments where a lack of ads would shatter the game’s sense of realism, for instance Times Square in New York, and found gamers change their stance quickly.  Richard says the key to successful in-game advertising is managing ad placement so it enhances the experience.  It s something Massive feels so strongly about they ve turned down clients when their brand didn t fit a game.

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