According to the Consumer Technology Association, 21 percent of consumers have not had a traditional pay-TV subscription in over a year, cable TV ratings are waning, viewership of major televised events appear to be dropping, and pay-TV’s share of the market is experiencing the slow death of 1,000 cuts.

All is not well in TV land, but what it is to be done? Well, the answer depends on who you’re talking to. A new report from Google, who owns YouTube, analyzes 56 case studies and then implores marketers to shift more of their budgets to, you guessed it: YouTube. In a report titled “The (Entertainment) Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” the digital behemoth says that in 80 percent of cases, YouTube ads did more for a brand’s bottom line than TV.

Meanwhile, Totino’s pizza rolls, the traditional cuisine of couch-dwellers everywhere, partnered with SEGA at the convention, inviting fans to attempt playing classic SEGA Genesis games while sitting on a couch that bucked like a rodeo bull.

Event marketing is all about interactive fun, but by no means does PAX East have a monopoly on it—brands are increasingly finding ways to make their event presence more than just a mere banner or sponsorship, but an experience that adds to the event.

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