Apple has quietly but surely made itself into a power in the gaming sphere, though the impression sometimes is that they backed into this success and haven’t actively paid much attention to it. The man who formerly headed up Apple’s iOS Games division, Graeme Devine, said that the company is very serious about games.

“Apple is clearly focused on gaming. A lot of people say Apple doesn’t get gaming, but Apple has probably the most popular gaming device on the planet right now, and that doesn t happen by accident,” stated Devine. “Apple is intensely focused on gaming and intensely aware of it. Every ad for the iPod Touch only shows games; no running music.”

“Game Center is a start, but Apple never puts anything out and says, ‘Okay, now we re done.’ They only progress that software on, and that s only going to expand up, he added. I think if you look at the array of Apple between moving some of the iOS stuff onto the desktop, the Apple TV with Airplay, and the iPad and the iPhone, these things are converging. That s exciting for game developers, I think.”

Source: IndustryGamers {link no longer active}