April Fool’s Day is a fond tradition of pranks, jokes and a celebration of silliness, in general. This year, the holiday landed on a Saturday so a number of brands got a head start with some rather ingenious hoaxes.

Twitch: Emote Effects

This hoax makes the top of our list because it seems totally legit. On April 1, Twitch announced the addition of emote effects—animated comments overlaid onto saved video clips. “Your favorite global emotes were once limited to Twitch Chat, but no longer shall you be contained,” the site boasted. Of course, the effect doesn’t actually work, much to the chagrin of a few users.

Twitch April Fools

Google Maps: Ms. Pacman

It has become an April Fool’s Day tradition to transform Google Maps into a game board for Ms. Pacman and it’s available once again. Simply open the app and press the Ms. Pacman icon to change from regular maps to the game.

GeForce: GTX G-Assist

With the help of learning AI, this nifty gadget will keep playing for you when you’re AFK, beat that pesky boss and even order food when it thinks its gamer is getting hungry.

Honda: Horn Emojis

Now honking at people can be more expressive and fun, especially on the highway.


Lexus: Lane Valet

Tired of “left lane rangers” holding up the show? Lexus has the solution I really wish existed.


Nestlé Coffee Mate: Coffee Flavor

Ever wish your coffee tasted a bit more like coffee? Problem solved.


Jim Beam: Jim Beans

“We’ve been making bourbon for 220 years, but some folks still call us Jim Bean. Hint taken. Introducing Jim Beans: aged one day in a tin can.”


L.A. Police Gear – Tactical Rock

Sometimes the most basic tools are still the best. Also makes a handy paperweight.

tactical rock

Progressive: Insurance on Mars

If you’re planning on leaving Earth any time soon, it’s better to go prepared.

Mars insurance

Buffalo Wild Wings: Rally Beard Sauce

Can sauce be delicious, help your team win and help grow a lush beard? BW3 has the solution.


Amazon: Petlexa

Amazon Echo has been updated to understand pets, according to this April Fool’s ad.

Snickers: SKnickers

Because “no one knows nuts like Snickers . . .”


U By Kotex: Pad-Shaped Bandages

Now with wings for extra protection.



Evine: Totes M’Goats DIY Soap Kit

This kit “offered” by the cable shopping network includes an adorable baby goat and everything you need to make your home a complete, although lavender-scented, mess.

KFC: The Bucket

The future of ordering chicken has arrived.

T-Mobile: ONEsie

There’s no reason why you can’t have great cell coverage and be comfortable.


Swim Today: Eu de Chlôrine

Let everyone know how much you swim . . . or bleach clothes with this new fragrance from Swim Today.

Life Storage: She Shed

Ladies, have you ever wished you had a feminine version of a man cave? Life Storage is offering “She Sheds” for $99 a month.