The BBC is making a play to turn its popular TV properties into videogames, reports MCV UK. The outlet broke the story that the UK broadcaster’s BBC Worldwide division is courting both publishers and developers in an all-out effort to turn its IP into online games including Facebook fare, apps for Apple iPhone, and titles for Nintendo Wii and DS. MCV says the company expressed a desire to build gaming brands and not just one-off titles out its IP, mentioning properties fit for games such as Doctor Who and Top Gear. It also said it would push to bring its children s brands to Nintendo consoles while looking to take broader brands to all platforms. BBC’s managing director Neil Ross Russell said the company is second only to Disney in having children’s properties that are recognizable around the world.  MCV says BBC Worldwide hired former EA executive Robert Nashak as part of the move to oversee its digital entertainment division. Read more at MCV UK.