Acony Games says that Facebook could reap healthy profits from social games if it sets up an official game payment platform. The game maker made the statement to Business Insider in response to an earlier story. Business Inside had reported that Facebook’s experiment with a game payment platform would ultimately pay off, bringing the social site added revenues by charging as much as three percent on transactions. Acony’s Frank Trigub suggested to the news outlet that its estimate was too low. Trigub said developers would so openly welcome a secure, user-friendly system for game micro-transactions that the fee could be whatever cut Facebook desires. He said the system would facilitate and therefore boost transactions, and that Facebook could ask for and get as much as 50 percent from developers. Business Insider highlights the potential windfall for Facebook from such a fee by pointing to social game maker Zynga’s estimated 2009 revenues of $250 million. Read more at Business Insider.