Publisher 2K Games is deploying a multi-faceted PR campaign for Bioshock 2 that expands the game fiction into reality for game press and hardcore fans.  The game is developer 2K Boston’s sequel to the 2007 shooter that made waves for great game play and a stylistic steam punk premise.

Reported by Adweek, one phase of the campaign had 2K marketers planting bottles with promotional posters on beaches, depicting them as wine bottles washed ashore from the game’s undersea city setting Rapture.  With the help of game press they were able to get the word out on where fans could go look for the bottles.  Some ended up on eBay, which AdFreak points out resulted in more press coverage and PR impressions.  More recently, delivery men dressed up as coming from Rapture set the stage for a mysterious gift item for game community writers.  The gifts were custom crafted trinkets from the game.

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