Activision’s upcoming street racer Blur has a video mash-up that s managed to blaze its way through the viral-sphere. The video is yet another expertly executed montage of wince-inducing bloopers and Darwin Award candidates that make it impossible not to sit through. According to data provided to [a]list daily, more than 1.5 million people have done just that. Beyond the impressive views, the video is noteworthy for its thoughtful effort to incorporate not just branding but actual product messaging.

The Hollywood pitch on Blur is street racing meets WipEout, where race cars are equipped with futuristic weapons to take out competitors.  That s the game s unique hook, and the mash-up video is cleverly designed to communicate it. Weapons from the game are mentioned throughout the video, accompanying footage that loosely corresponds to what they do. For example, when the video shows a person getting Tasered it references the electrical shock weapon found in the game. The treatment to execute this is subtle at first, starting with voice over that names weapons. Eventually weapon icons are overlaid directly on the screen. Near the end, viewers get flashes of what look like screen grabs from Blur depicting both cars and weapons. For its finale, in a veritable knock to the forehead for the least observant, the video scrolls through weapon icons continuously as it wraps up with a hilarious sequence.


Watch it here.