Pokémon GO has become a mobile juggernaut this past week, attracting over 7.5 million players and gaining higher in daily active users than Twitter—and closing in on other social apps such as Facebook, Tinder and Snapchat.

With that, brands are taking advantage of the Pokémon hoopla in their own ways, with supportive tweets to attract fans to their products, as well as special promotions to get them on board. Here’s a round-up of how some companies are taking advantage of the Pokémon craze:


In an effort to engage players with stories about their Pokémon GO experiences, Snapchat has introduced a new live story called “Catch Those Pokémon!,” in which players can share their captures and the locations of gyms to fellow players within their guilds.


Long before Pokémon GO was released, Spotify already had a number of soundtracks from the series making the rounds. But the company recently put out a press release, explaining that global streaming of the Pokémon theme, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” has increased by more than 360 percent since the mobile game’s release. In addition, streaming of these soundtracks, in general, has tripled and custom playlists have increased immensely. There are currently over 190,000 using the keyword “Pokémon” and 53,000 featuring “Pikachu,” one of the most popular creatures in the game, with more likely to come.

The top five songs on Pokémon playlists are as follows:

  1. Pokémon Theme
  2. Pokérap
  3. Pokémon Johto
  4. Go Pokémon Go
  5. I Want to Be a Hero


This company, known for its cinnamon bun-related delectable goodies, hopped onto Twitter for Pokémon GO this week, offering to retweet pictures of players who caught creatures at one of its locations. So far, it’s trending pretty well, with dozens of consumers showcasing their recent snares.


This fast-food chain has been on a major social kick lately, picking up on popular trends like Overwatch and Star Wars with food-related tweets. Pokémon GO is no exception, as the company tweeted out the below image of a Team Valor emblem (cut from cardboard) from the game—although some fans from other guilds may be less than pleased with its decision, and gave humorous jabs over the team.


World Wrestling Entertainment has hopped on board the Pokémon GO train with a recent video post featuring wrestler Sasha Banks excitedly pointing out that there was a Jigglypuff in the ring to be captured. The company also made note that its Stamford headquarters was doubling as a gym within the game.

The Smithsonian

The national museum group, also known as “the nation’s attic,” got on on the fun by making a joke about how the game quickly consumes batteries. It posted a humorous tweet that links to a showcase of historic batteries that can be found at the National Museum of American History. However, there’s probably little chance they’ll power an iPhone.

Other business opportunities have also emerged. Gizmodo recently reported that some drivers are offering an Uber-style ride to Pokémon GO players so they can capture creatures without the risk of driving on their own while playing the game—something a number of states have discouraged with signs such as, “Get your head out of your App.”

Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon GO, is certainly aware of these opportunities and is looking into offering “sponsored locations” using restaurants and other commercial establishments, which will be announced in the future.

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