From Rolling Stone:

They are known to be selective about the projects they get involved with and being able to partner with them in this way is a rare opportunity we are honored to have, [Tim Riley, Activision’s VP of Music Affairs] added. From the mixes featuring their music, to their character models and the amazing Daft Punk inspired venue, the guys have been meticulously involved every step of the way.

Among the 11 exclusive mixes Daft Punk contributed is a mash-up of their Technologic with Gary Numan’s Cars (it s safe to assume Trent Reznor will be rocking that one) and a remix of Around the World versus Young MC’s Bust A Move. In addition to the mash-ups, Daft Punk also provided two megamixes for in-game play.

The music genre s woes have been well documented in the[a]listdaily, with sales down 40 percent year-over-year, well below the industry average which is already contending with weakness.

Jay-Z and Eminem have already lent their brand to the game s upcoming special edition packaging, Grandmaster Flash provides the in-game tutorial, and DJs from DJ Shadow to the late DJ AM provide remixes. We just feel Daft Punk, the French electronic power duo takes DJ Hero from curiosity to must-buy for many music fans.

Just one example of the comments on the news:

“Holy %#$@… no way :D… THEY GOT DAFT PUNK… I HAVE to buy this game now”

Activision must know the cred this brings them, as they’ve recently unleashed a trailer that focuses on Daft Punk s remix of their song Robot Rock with Queen’s stadium anthem We Will Rock You, which we’ve embedded below.