Are fans of the best-selling Resident Evil series missing the smell of death, or at least the undead, in their lives? Capcom thinks so, as it recently announced that a T-Virus perfume will soon be going on sale at the Capcom Café in Saitama, Japan. The café launched last fall to provide a more “synergistic promotion” of Capcom’s library of games, and initially included food and décor based on the Monster Hunter universe, but it looks like it’s beginning to branch out.

For those that don’t know, the T-Virus transforms people into the zombies and raging monsters that populate the Resident Evil series. This being the case, and without a detailed description of the perfume, fans can probably expect the scent to be very strong, and it may or may not be contagious. The product, sporting a logo fashioned after the ampule that houses the dangerous substance, even warns users to exercise caution when spraying it. Buyers will find out for certain how overwhelming the T-Virus is when the limited edition perfume goes on sale on March 26, for 4,200 yen (US $37.25).


Complementing the perfume is a deodorizing spray, modeled after the Resident Evil first-aid spray. It goes on sale at the Capcom Café on April 2 for 1,300 yen (US $11.50). Both items will be sold in limited quantity, so fans that want to either smell like the zombie apocalypse, or need an emergency deodorizer, should head to the Capcom Café while supplies last.

Resident Evil 0, a remastered edition of the 2002 game, launched in January with updated visuals for current gaming systems. An all-new competitive game called Umbrella Corps is expected to release this May. Perhaps these products will help players immerse themselves into the Resident Evil world as they play.