While marketing technology continues to grow in more convenient ways for companies, there are a few obstacles getting in the way of adoption – namely the lack of a devoted budget and difficulty putting an implemented system into place.

A report from eMarketer discusses a July 2015 study by Walker Sands that shows that while marketers are ready to adopt new marketing tech, the budgets allocated may be holding back investment. The results show that more than half of U.S. marketers feel that they company doesn’t invest the necessary amount into the technology, while 42% state that the current technology being used isn’t quite up to date, or isn’t providing the efficiency needed to get the job done.

Chart 1023

Budget seems to be the biggest pain point with adopting these new services, with 69% of those polled indicating that to be the case. Difficulty of implementation and integration, internal resistance to change and lack of executive buy-in also play parts as well.

When it comes to learning about new marketing technology, nearly a third of marketers take cues from colleagues and others in their industry, with a majority citing that these recommendations are influential when deciding what to go with.

The full report can be found here.