Chartboost, a platform that helps independent game developers cross-promote games has added a new Groups feature to let indie devs come together to deal directly with each other. Chartboost began as a network for developers to trade game advertisements in each others’ games, and has grown rapidly to include over 16,000 games in its network generating 8 billion ad impressions per month.

ChartBoost’s new functionality comes from the demand for groups of more than two developers that want to promote for each other. CEO Maria Alegre said developers sought to put together groups of four or five developers, particularly when they are friends or are from a particular geographic region. Alegre noted that direct deals perform better than the usual ad campaigns, citing a click-through rate of about 10.7 percent from a direct deal versus 8.1 percent on a regular network deal. Cross-promoting your own games is the most effective of all, resulting in a 12.7 percent click-through rate.

Source: TechCrunch