According to social analytics startup Optimal, large brands are growing in popularity faster on Twitter than they are on Facebook. The site’s data followed 4,330 brands over the course of a week. When the week started, the companies had 3.49 billion collective Facebook likes and 595 million Twitter followers, and by the end of the week they had gained 18.5 million new likes and 4.5 million new followers. These numbers represented a higher growth percentage in Twitter than Facebook for these brands.

While the growth by percentage was much higher on Twitter, the actual number of likes on Facebook is still much higher than followers on Twitter. There are some brands that do better on Twitter than Facebook, but they are the exception. That said, both Facebook and Twitter have become very important tools for social advertising. It was recently reported the the benefit from Twitter alone could be up to 2 percent of a brand’s revenue. It is quickly becoming apparent that Twitter has etched a place in marketing.

Source: TechCrunch