Dead Space 2 recently released to critical acclaim, although the franchise has quickly become more than just games. There are already animated movies, comics and action figures based on the Dead Space universe, and a live action movie is not out of the question.

“We would love to have a live action film and we’ve had a lot of discussion, said Ian Milham, art director and co-creator of Dead Space. “But one of the reasons Dead Space still exists and is popular is because we’ve made sure to do everything right. So we’re doing the same with the film, not just a cheap cash-in but to do something really worthwhile, so we’ll see.”

When asked if he thought games would be accepted in the mainstream like movies and TV, he responded, “I do [think so]. Especially as people who grew up with video games haven’t stopped playing them. As they mature and become part of culture to an even greater degree I do think video games will be accepted. Especially as the generations continue and things influence each other.”

Regardless of whether Dead Space ever gets made into a movie, the horror game sequel had a similar production value. “It takes about two and a half years. The team grows and shrinks throughout the production depending on what phase we’re in, but it peaks at about 200. And without getting too specific into the detail, the budget is comparable to a large Hollywood film – in the tens of millions of pounds.”

Source: BBC