Every year, Electronic Arts has always been a staple of the E3 show floor, standing right in the middle of the South Hall with a number of big titles for users to try out. This year, the company opted to do “its own thing,” as it were, with a private showcase held just down the street at the Novo Theater in L.A. Live: EA Play.

A few folks found that to be a curious move, considering how effective E3 has been for the publisher over the past few years. However, it would also give it a chance to shine at its own venue.

The company kicked things off Sunday with its yearly press conference, where it showed off a number of its forthcoming products, including Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, its sports line-up and its upcoming Star Wars games, in which it has a lot on the horizon.

Following that, EA divided the action between two floors. On the main floor of the Novo, fans could partake in sessions of Battlefield 1, as well as its numerous sports titles, including FIFA 17 and NHL 17. Meanwhile, the entire fifth floor was devoted to Titanfall 2, and both its single player campaign and multiplayer.

Overall, EA Play has gone off without much of a hitch, with a 64-player Battlefield 1 tournament that drew in thousands of fans (with a little help from celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron), along with other live broadcasted interviews and gameplay videos.

Will EA likely repeat the show next year? Perhaps, and it’ll be even better, focusing on big sports titles, as well as sequels along the lines of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The future is bright for EA Play, and that certainly will keep the players coming.