Kotaku is holding a shindig in Tokyo around the Tokyo Game Show this week, and they ran into a bit of a snag. Long story short, at the last minute the venue decided they needed more money to hold the event (but of course).

“Is this Matsumura-san This is Ashcraft,” I started.

“Oh right, the thing on the 21st,” he replied. His voice, slurred and slowed. “I want to know if you’ll be able to pay more than we originally discussed.”

It’s midnight. I’m standing in the kitchen, in the dark and cannot believe what this guy is saying. Through the phone, I can hear what sounds like women laughing and talking.

The proprietor then becomes awfully rude, and Kotaku does the right thing in canceling their reservation, instead switching venues.

Of course, their cancelation leads to a few apologetic phone calls, all of which is outlined in this blog post.

The moral of the story? Don’t drunk dial clients asking them for more money right before an event, got it