GIF Integration Into Facebook Messenger

Perhaps a little surprising that Facebook had announced payment capabilities within the Messenger app a week ago, but today’s big Messenger announcement went to the little image type that could: the gif. Why Because it’s fun.

The Ability To Embed Video

Video is hugely important to Facebook this year as the push to get creators to upload video content native to the platform has the payoff of getting the reach and engagement Facebook can provide. While YouTube has allowed embedded video for some time, making their videos more likely to be distributed by publishers, Facebook is now embeddable too.

For marketers, Facebook video is no longer just relegated to the Newsfeed and can reach more eyeballs.

‘Spherical’ Videos

No regular ol’ videos will do anymore. As we prepare for the inevitable VR takeover, we suspect quite a lot of Facebook videos in the coming few weeks will take advantage of ‘spherical,’ more interactive video. We hope it has more longevity than Hyperlapse.

Facebook App Analytics

Facebook has been integrated into more and more apps lately. Now, a new free tool courtesy of Facebook will allow developers to better understand how users are using them and just how effective the marketing campaigns are. For mobile games, knowing how well your Facebook campaign is acquiring users is crucial.

The LiveRail Ad Platform Expands

LiveRail ads are no longer relegated to just the desktop anymore and are going mobile. This time, LiveRail will support display and native ads, too. Sounds just like another ad platform, Google

Stay tuned for news about Oculus tomorrow and what other interesting announcments Facebook has up their sleeves.
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