With the prominence of various bands and games on Facebook, someone made the logical connection between the two. MXP4 has launched Bopler Games, which will serve as a music hub on Facebook with multiple apps.

Users will be able to combine songs with certain arcade games on Facebook. The free-to-play game hopes to spread in a viral fashion and give artists a new way to engage with their fans.

Bopler Games is launching with music from artists that includes KT Tunstall, Lilly Allen, Digital Underground, Norah Jones, Afrika Bambaataa, Culture Club, Big Country, Jonas Brothers and Fall Out Boy. Other artists are expected to follow, with royalties distributed for when people put money into their song.

Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4, says the technology behind Bopler extracts data from songs based around rhythm, melody and structure, allowing games to be made around those elements. Fans can play three, 60-second clips of songs within Bopler every day for free; the full track is available for purchase with a music pass; enhancements can be had by buying music cash and by playing and sharing those games fans can earn music coins which can be redeemed for passes.

“We’re uniting two of the most popular categories on Facebook games and music,” said Serviant, who has helped raise over $13 million for Popler.

Source: VentureBeat