Facebook has announced the judges of its inaugural Facebook Studio Awards, that will include several studio heads and Mark D’Arcy, director of global creative solutions at Facebook. agencies, brands, creatives.  Facebook’s global agency marketing head Jennifer Kattula said the goal of the awards was to inspire shops to be creative in their Facebook campaigns.

“[Agencies said], ‘I’m not inspired; your ad unit is tiny,'” Kattula said. “My whole goal was to go out and change that perception. . . . It’s a different perspective, figuring out how you string together the components of Facebook to make that whole experience really social in a way that can’t happen in any other medium.”

The awards have received hundreds of submissions from 40 countries and the deadline has been extended to January 15. Winners will be ranked in four tiers (blue, gold, silver and bronze) based on four criteria: whether the campaign is “social,” whether it makes full use of Facebook’s marketing programs, if it integrates with other media and if it scales.

Susan Credle, CCO, Leo Burnett North America, thinks that these awards help explore ways to bring creativity to advertising on Facebook, which is nascent in the way she compares to the early days of TV advertising. “There’s a great quote: ‘The best minds of our generation are being wasted trying to get ‘likes’ on Facebook,'” said Credle. “Right now, that’s what everyone’s trying to do. Next year we’re going to see, that’s just like turning on the TV. Of course [you need likes], but then what do you do ”

Source: AdWeek