Facebook has already resorted to a few mediums to get more advertising dollars out of its social website, but now it’s ready to tackle yet another medium – video.

Video ads are about to be introduced to the service, broadcasting up to three times a day for 15 seconds at a time through users’ news feeds. A report from Bloomberg indicates that companies will be charged up to $2.5 million per day that their ads are used on the network – which is a higher cost than TV ads used during the Super Bowl when it comes to per-second broadcasting.

Currently, the site does allow advertisers to insert video ads in specific posts, but only those who subscribe to the feed need to view the ads. That could very well change once this business practice is put in place.

Once it does launch, it could mean big profits for Facebook, as a prior ad program featuring text and picture ads in the feed produced new ad revenue and gave the company a 53 percent increase in quarterly sales.

Source: Yahoo! Finance