From The Hollywood Reporter:

The four-day weekend’s two other wide openers drew lackluster support: Lionsgate’s sci-fi action pic “Gamer” fetched $11.2 million in fourth place. [the other being Extract at tenth-place]

Co-helmed by “Crank” co-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, “Gamer” opened to audiences skewing 64 percent male, with 60 percent of its support from patrons under age 25.

“The opening was in line with our projections,” Lionsgate exec vp distribution David Spitz said.

It’s hard to believe expectations weren’t higher for a Labor Day weekend action flick with a mid-level star in Gerard Butler as the lead, but the story of how this film stacks up to something like District 9 (by former-Halo director Neill Blomkamp) could prove interesting, and will be the subject of one of our upcoming exclusive features.