With modern business required to be fast and convenient enough to happen everywhere, more and more applications are going mobile. As such, AdWeek reports that Google is adding mobile support for their AdWords program. Supporting phones like iPhone and Android, users will have access to key functions like changing bid prices, ending campaigns and deleting keywords.

“It’s simply the real-time nature of the channel,” said Matt Strain, principal at search shop Trademark Interactive, who has tested the mobile version. “It allows us to see and adjust any fluctuations outside of the norm.”

Currently, Microsoft does not offer a mobile version of its ad system. “Microsoft, as a software company, needs to embrace, or flat out create, the kinds of tools and technology to empower the search marketer,” he said. “If they want to have any stake in this game, they need to focus as much on the process of search marketing as they do indexing results for the engine. If they build great tools, more advertisers will be attracted to what the combined Yahoo/Bing can provide.”