Last year, an official Android blog post discussed the potential of streaming gaming videos based on its Android platform, describing it as a “growing phenomenon” with more than 144 billion minutes being viewed on YouTube. That’s a big audience to have and Google is already hard at work to expand game-viewing capabilities.

According to Engadget, the company is looking into adding a livestreaming feature to Android, enabling users to share popular mobile games in a more streamlined process. This should help mobile gamers reach out to a new audience with just a few simple button presses, making the feature all the more alluring for those that aren’t used to streaming.

In addition, Google is also looking into a preview system with app streaming, through a special marketing format known as the “Search Trial Run Ad.” With this format, players can try out Android games within their browser for up to 10 minutes. This lets users try games without having to download them, giving them an idea of what they can expect from the game experience. It’s a feature that can can benefit the Android audience by allowing better discovery of new play experiences.

Between both these features, Google is looking to promote the YouTube Gaming channel and gain the advantage it needs to catch up to its nearest competitor, Twitch.