Twitch has an outreach of over 100 million monthly viewers, and has become a huge outlet for brands partnering with gamers, artists and others that draw in a large, supportive audience. With that, we’ve seen more companies step up its Twitch game in terms of events and sponsorships, including Old Spice with its Nature Adventure campaign and Coca-Cola.

Now, it’s just a question of how effectively these companies are utilizing Twitch to extend its reach. Some companies are going the extra mile by creatively reaching out to Twitch-ers.

Here are few examples of what companies have done with the streaming channel:

Make Room For the Hero Slot

Though usually reserved for Twitch streamers that can attain a large audience (around 20,000 to 30,000 concurrently), the Hero Spot provides a way for brands to create a video player that runs at the top of the user’s home page. It’s a convenient, simple way to draw an audience, with very little marketing needed. It can also lead to bigger endorsements in social media, like with IIJERiiCHOII’s tie-in with Jack Link’s beef jerky, which can be found below.

Other gamers took part in the “Hangry moments” campaign as well, including Ellohime and GassyMexican, and took part in gaming marathons with easy-to-see branding. “These influencers even asked some of their viewers what happens when they get ‘hangry’ and had this two-way conversation,†said Kevin Papacek, director of marketing for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, while speaking with Digiday. “It was natural to the platform.â€

Sponsorship with game events and tournaments

One of the most effective means for reaching out to an audience is sponsoring a popular tournament that broadcasts on Twitch. This includes companies like Geico and Totino providing prize money for certain events, like a Call of Duty tournament and the Capcom Pro Tour, among other events.

It’s been an effective initiative, with over 30,000 live viewers tuning in during the Call of Duty one, and the fact that Totino’s sells affordable dining for gaming audiences ($1 or so for a good sized pizza) makes it an ideal fit.

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With that, product placement can also play a part during these live events. Along with static ads for the products, other things can take place, like the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky mascot, the Sasquatch, appearing at an event for pictures, or Totino’s providing samples of pizza rolls.

Creating original events

Another great way to get your name known in the Twitch community is to host an event of your own, and make it interactive. As mentioned above, Old Spice did this last year with a Nature Adventure, in which people visiting in the chat room could provide commands for the person to perform in real time, creating a comical yet ingenious way for audience engagement.

While that’s not a gaming event per se, it was inspired by another game event that did take place on Twitch: Twitch Plays Pokemon, which has drawn in millions of fans and created similar events based on Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, where the community comes together for a singular cause. While Old Spice’s campaign was a bit more lighthearted than those die-hard gaming sessions, they still got the job done when it came to attracting viewers to the Old Spice channel.

We’ll likely see a few more smart ways for companies to get involved with branding, in one way or another, on Twitch, but to see it become such an outlet that its community is not only desired, but respected, is a cool thing.