James Marsden of developer Futurlab says that indies should consider PlayStation Minis instead of iOS. He says that they sold more of Coconut Dodge on PSN independently than they did with EA’s support on iOS.

“I think the Vita is a great platform for indies,” said Marsden. “It frustrates me that iOS is the flame the moths are flying towards — ultimately they are doomed unless they’ve got enormous resources for visibility. Even though you might not win big on Minis, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make some sales. This, for me, is a better first step for people getting started. If you’re an indie, luck plays such a huge role that it’s not worth trying.”

“Sony’s really open for independent developers to come and publish on its platform, and I think they’re probably the only platform holder that’s really giving developers this window of opportunity,” he continued. “The way we see it is we want to make proper, immersive gaming experiences. We don’t want to make iOS distract-em-ups. For us to do that as a newbie is really tough: we’re going up against the studios that have been established for 10, 15 years.”

Source: Gamasutra