Writing for Business Insider, Henry Blodget adds a lot of flavor to news that internet data provider comScore has revised its internet measurement model. Blodget says comScore’s decision to follow a model similar to competitors Google Analytics and Quantcast shows it has finally caved to a decade of complaints. Until now the firm had relied only on a panel of web users and extrapolated traffic results from them, refusing to count actual site-side net traffic measured by cookies. As a result its traffic numbers were always significantly lower than what web sites measured through other services. ComScore is now incorporating the site-side data as an option in a hybrid traffic measurement model for users. But Blodget questions the decision to make the hybrid model only available to paying clients, at a fee of $10,000. He bluntly labels the move blackmail, adding that it amounts to comScore saying, “If you want your higher traffic numbers, you need to pay us $10,000.” He surmises that the move will only deepen the animosity some have felt towards comScore for its old measurement model, and keep driving them to the firm’s competitors. Read more at Business Insider.