No matter what they seem to be watching — or where they’re watching it — kids still see plenty of advertising, according to a report from the Common Sense Media in Advertising to Children and Teens.

The report states that between product placements, ads in websites and cross-promotions, the amount of advertising is huge. According to an infographic from the company, kids between the ages of 2-11 see an average of 25,600 ads a year, with 40 percent of that ad exposure stemming from non-children’s shows.

In addition, websites that are devoted to kids carry an 87 percent chance of some sort of advertising, while three billion (!) display ads for food and beverages were viewed on similar websites for the period of 2009-2010. One-third of those ads have premium offers in exchange for some sort of product purchase.

Out of all the mediums, TV is the most popular at number one, where kids spend most of their media-oriented time.

Source: Adweek