LinkedIn has announced two new engagement features at its Connect:11 event in New York. One is the Company Status Updates, which lets administrators of Company Pages send things like job updates, videos, industry articles, and those who are following the firm.

They also announced a new Certified Developer Program, offering a range of tools, such as campaign management, enhanced analytics, and custom applications. Launching with Buddy Media, HooteSuite, and Wildfire, it will function like a network of developers designed to help marketers, agencies, and companies use LinkedIn to connect with their audiences.

With over than 120 million professionals globally LinkedIn is ready to make a big push with advertising, including efforts that leverage the follower feature. “We believe there’s an incredibly important moment right now in the world of online advertising,” said LinkedIn SVP of global sales Mike Gamson. “Right now is the moment of acquisition of a follower base.”

Brands will invest in their follower and fan bases over the next year and it behooves them to move quickly. “We believe there is a finite number of brands that any single LinkedIn member will follow,” said Gamson.

Currently, LinkedIn Company Pages include over than 2 million businesses and tens of millions of followers.

Source: AdWeek