From IndustryGamers:

Sony’s motion controller and Microsoft’s Project Natal have made a lot of waves since they were first announced. Still, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada said to the Financial Times that the motion controllers will have little effect on the overall console race.

Wada went on to note that he believes the industry slowdown is due to the lack of major releases by Nintendo during the first half of the year. Interestingly, he also thinks that Nintendo will release a new Wii with “with functionality more like that of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Sony’s PlayStation 3.” He sees that console release happening by 2011 with perhaps a new controller.

Does anyone else think the 2011 timeframe may be a bit too late for Wii to really continue its popularity? The word of mouth about Wii’s limited library seems to be gaining some traction, leading to weakness in sales this year. It may be time for an HD-capable Wii with Wii Motion Plus included sooner than later.