Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard about Beyoncé’s Lemonade—a stunning visual album that touches socio-political topics both head-on and via heavy use of symbolism. Even though the album was teased only a day before the release with a mysterious and brief video, it has already become a memorable blip on the pop culture timeline, namely because it stoked rumors of infidelity around music’s most powerful couple. Controversy or not, the album’s release is yet another stroke of marketing genius for Beyoncé and our first story this week on [a]listdaily Weekly.

Also this week, [a]list summit brought together marketers from all corners to discuss the evolving nature of Frontline Marketing. Virtual and augmented reality, livestreaming and eSports were key topics at the Seattle event. The event included a memorable keynote from Facebook and Instagram’s head of industry, Paul Peterman. Coming off the company’s F8 conference, Peterman went into greater detail about the marketing application of Facebook Messenger and why Facebook is the frontline of mobile video.

Paula Batson, VP of PR and communication at livestreaming platform YouNow, discussed why livestreaming is resonating with millennials and Gen Z, due to the interactive elements and immediacy of the medium. Although you may be more familiar with Facebook Live and Twitch, YouNow sees over 100 million user sessions each month and 50,000 hours of new content livestreamed each day. Beyond that, YouNow is one of the first livestreaming platforms to help its creators directly monetize from their audience.

With video being a central interest for marketers, it follows that livestreaming is going to become a huge part of that as we segue from this period of exploration to a better fundamental understanding of how to best leverage live content. You can watch both YouNow and Facebook’s [a]list summit sessions and many more in full on our YouTube channel.

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