When you’re Nike teaming up with PlayStation, it doesn’t take much to get some love to your brand, even if it’s with just 24 pairs of sneakers.

From SoleCollector:

I have been working with Ron Eagle, Director of Product Publicity at Sony PlayStation, for years and am always amazed at how deep he goes with the shoe projects he is involved with. Once again, PlayStation and Nike have teamed up to create something so very serious. It goes without saying that this is going to be a pair of shoes you either love or hate — there will be few that are in-between. I’m lucky enough to have a pair and I’m going to tell you right now — these joints turn heads — ! So how limited are they Try 24 pairs.

We have pics of the shoes here, and it’s been hitting the blogs pretty regularly for a nice little win-win story for both Nike and PlayStation. It also makes for some great copy from unorthodox sources, like the following quote from Sony’s Eagle:

I was completely blown away — there are so many details, so many different things to look at and yet it’s also very cohesive. The quality of the materials, especially the lenticular, was just crazy. I really love how much the shoe changes in light, the brightness of the colors against the black, and the fact that the left and right shoe have different graphics / colors was just really cool

Shoe collectors may find a pair for a charity auction later this year, and we hope to get our own the[a]listdaily pair sometime soon…