One of the largest gaming controversies of 2010 was the fact that the Taliban were initially a playable faction in Medal of Honor‘s multiplayer. While the game eventually changed the faction name to Opposing Force, the pressure from the Tier 1 operators consulting on the game and the desires of EA to refrain from controversy caused Medal of Honor executive producer Greg Goodrich to write up a resignation letter twice.

“Having to deal with the secrecy of these communities, keeping their reputations intact and holding their livelihoods in the palm of my hand – not even having earned the right to yet… then having that break out!” said Goodrich. “There were a lot of things going on. There were two specific incidents when I decided I just couldn’t do it… Everything that these guys have built and lived for over the last 15-20 years of their careers is now in my hands. I took that very seriously and had a lot of sleepless nights and did a lot of staring at my ceiling thinking ‘what have I gotten myself into ‘”

Source: Games Master {link no longer active}