The list of new Internet address endings being applied for was unveiled today, and the days of mostly .com and two-letter country codes are nearly over. “This is an historic day for the Internet and the more than 2 billion people around the world who depend on it. The Internet is about to change forever,” said Rod Beckstrom, President and CEO of Icann. “If even three-quarters of these applications are approved, the number of top-level domains will expand four-fold.”

Applications range from .aaa to .zulu, with other names like .porn and .sex as well as .love and .lol. Many applicants tried for the same domains, like .app (sought by 13 companies) and .home (sought by 11 companies). Tech companies including Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. all applied to run their own registries. Amazon was among the most voracious, submitting 75 applications including .author, .book, .circle, .like, .news and .shop.

Source: The Wall Street Journal