Gawker founder and proprietor Nick Denton has a few ideas when it comes to ads – though there are some things he’s come to accept. In an interview with Digiday, Denton had a few things to say in regards to web advertising, including banner ads and BuzzFeed.

When it comes to his previous comments about the days of banner ads being numbered, Denton simply accepted they’re part of business. “I have made my peace with the banner. You can’t fight an entire industry. And you can’t ignore the clients who want to convey mood rather than information. The real challenge is to align banners more closely with stories – and custom content.”

In the interview, Denton also had a few choice words about BuzzFeed, feeling that it would “collapse under the weight of its own contradictions” in a previous interview. He simply stated, “BuzzFeed has gamed the Facebook system as artfully as Demand Media and Associated Content gamed Google. But they are rather dependent – as those companies were – on the goodwill of their distribution partners, the dictatorship of the algorithm, and the fatigue of the audience.”

Source: DigiDay