Kyrie Irving and Nike decided on a different way to promote the new “Kyrie 2” kicks, as the athletic apparel company teamed up with NBA 2K16 publisher 2K Sports to endorse the Cleveland Cavaliers all star’s new shoe brand through a special live-streamed event hosted on Twitch.


With the event, fans tuned in and caught the Cavaliers star showcasing his new shoes. It also provided him the opportunity to answer questions regarding the product, as well as engaging with fans in a special challenge through the NBA 2K16s MyPark mode. Anyone who could beat his team in a game would be eligible to win a pair of Kyrie 2 shoes, autographed by the star himself.

It turned out to be a huge success, with Alfie Brody, vice president of marketing for the NBA 2K brand, telling Fortune“What Twitch enables us to do is not only highlight NBA 2K16, but create more impactful live events with special guests like Kyrie who can engage directly with fans while they’re playing,” he explained. “It is really a tremendous platform to better connect our fans with the stars and our community, which makes our game so special.”

Twitch senior manager of partnerships John Imah also expressed the effectiveness behind the campaign. “By broadcasting this on Twitch, the NBA, 2K and Nike can simultaneously reach multiple audiences, including media, gamers, kick collectors and basketball fans,” he explained, per Fortune.

For those that missed this weekend’s event, though, there’s still time to catch it. “There is always value to having a VOD (Video On Demand) available for those who missed the broadcast, which can then be socialized, but like the Super Bowl, people will want to see it when it happens,” Imah added.

Twitch has become a reliable source for viewership outside of the television realm for many companies and not just related to video games. The broadcaster, purchased by Amazon last year, has partnered with a number of companies for unique content, including Old Spice, to drive up numbers. Not only that, but it’s also diversified its content as well, introducing channels devoted to music and art (including a full marathon of The Joy of Painting episodes).

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