Nintendo and Sony have done absolutely terribly this generation in trying to connect with users in more ways than just traditional retail games.

One way Xbox 360 has stepped up to the plate in connecting with users is through Facebook and Twitter functionality, both of which have been shown off and are headed for a pre-holiday global launch.

Thankfully for Microsoft’s Japanese competitors, Nintendo is starting to get it by enabling users to log into their Facebook accounts.

Unfortunately, instead of seeing it as a Wii channel, it’s available for the Nintendo DSi. The disappointment doesn’t stop there, as the functionality is available only for the Japanese market.

The three console makers, huddle up. You need to understand that today’s gamer is very different than before.

Nintendo, you re targeting the mainstream user and are a market leader, way to go. But before you get too cocky, understand that all of those 18-29 year old males with tons of disposable income will be the ones who buy a lot more software than Wii Sports Resort. Those cats are, by and large, on Facebook and Twitter, so let’s get a move on.

Sony . . . first try to get your chat system to work, then we can talk about Facebook and the importance of social networks in today’s society.

Microsoft, just come out with this stuff quicker. The demographic is fickle, and while you move faster than the other two, it’s not fast enough.  Who’s to say Facebook won t be this year’s MySpace (which was the previous year s Friendster, which was the previous year s Geocities).

Go, team, go.