Nintendo COO Reggie Fils-Aime talked company strategy with Mike Musgrove of Washington Post.  Fils-Aime says that Nintendo would not change a thing about the way it marketed the Wii, including its introductory price and holding out on price-cuts until recently.

Fils-Aime shrugs off competition to Wii from Microsoft and Sony’s motion controller as well as the threat cheap game apps on iPhone might post to the DS.  He cites Scribblenauts as a unique experienc created for DS and its dual-screen, pointing out it couldn’t be done on iPhone.  He doesn’t see Nintendo making a move to mobile.  He also wonders about who Sony is targeting with PSP Go, saying the product doesn’t answer the question what s the benefit for him.

Wedbush Morgan Securities Michael Pachter tells Musgrove he sees Wii sales leveling off as its price advantage to 360 and PS3 erodes, but points out that even leveled off Wii sales are still beating 360 and PS3.

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