Microsoft continued to impress with its Xbox One showcase this week at the Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. In its latest reveal, Microsoft showed what the Xbox One dashboard is capable of, and if you think it’s just a minor upgrade of what we saw on the Xbox 360, think again.

After logging in to your Xbox One account (users can have up to six per system), you can speak commands to the Kinect device, such as pulling up specific friends lists and accessing the different feature options like watching Netflix, browsing through home video releases, or starting your game.

The Xbox One’s IR blaster will also allow users to take control of components in their home theater – like a TV or a receiver – so that it’s much easier to operate. Whether it’s controlling volume or setting up a particular audio setting, it’s said to be a breeze rather than going through a number of menus. The DVR settings will also work like a cinch, with voice-operated DVR settings. Now you won’t have to scroll through menus just to find your favorite show.

Micrrosoft is making a serious case for the Xbox One as a component of a high-end home theater system, not just as a game console. The Xbox One releases later this year.

Source: The Verge