Pizza Hut, owned by Yum! Brands, continues to expand its marketing footprint with gamers. The restaurant chain has partnered with Microsoft to cross-promote the $300 Xbox One S console. Pizza Hut is giving away 1,140 free consoles as part of its $20 Triple Treat Box offer, which includes two medium one-topping pizzas, an order of breadsticks and a Hershey’s ultimate chocolate chip cookie.

Every pizza box also includes an entry code for a chance to win an Xbox One S and custom Pizza Hut-designed red controller, as well as an offer for $10 off an Xbox One game. Additionally, all customers are entered into a grand prize drawing that includes an Xbox One S, Samsung SUHD TV and a surround sound audio system.

Doug Terfehr, senior director of partnerships at Pizza Hut, told [a]listdaily that from previous marketing campaigns, which have included Xbox, the company has learned that the gaming audience is very engaged and loyal to the brands they like.

“We’ve had previous successful partnerships with Microsoft Xbox, and we liked the idea of timing this around the holidays when families are not only busy and on the go, but also looking for the hottest gifts,” Terfehr said. “The Triple Treat Box and chance to win an Xbox One S combine that into one.”

Pizza Hut recently launched a television commercial promoting the Triple Treat Box and the Xbox One S. It’s part of a cross-company marketing partnership that has Microsoft promoting Pizza Hut across its website, social channels and dashboard.

“As popular as gaming has been for a long time, it only continues to grow,” Terfehr said. “We understand that, and we think we understand what the community wants from a pizza company. A great pizza, with a great deal and something that could make their gaming experience even better.”

In addition to the current Xbox promotion, Pizza Hut has been the title sponsor for the past two Rooster Teeth RTX fan experiences, which targets gamers and has eSports competitions. The company was also the title sponsor for the Endemol Beyond digital series, Legends of Gaming. In recent years, Pizza Hut has worked with Major League Gaming, as well as eSports teams directly.

“Entering early into the more competitive gaming space has worked well for Pizza Hut,” Terfehr said. “We are fortunate to have partners who have helped us integrate organically into the community. We anticipate doing more and more in eSports in the future.”

Pizza Hut has worked with Microsoft to allow Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers order pizza online without having to leave their favorite games. The app was an immediate hit when it launched in 2014, selling over $1 million of pizzas in the first four months.

“The ordering behavior of gamers is similar to that of most consumers—they want convenience,” Terfehr said. “Our mission is to make it easier for them to get our pizza, and that’s true for all consumers.”

Terfehr said Pizza Hut will continue to look for new opportunities to connect with gamers as well as eSports fans.