Sony has unveiled a new design for their U.S. PlayStation Blog. Examining traffic patterns, Google searches and the portions users click on, Sony has somewhat radically redesigned the blog.

So we’ve added prominent, permanent links to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Home content. We’ve overhauled the search box with autocomplete. Our biggest recent releases now live at the top right of the site. And huge news won’t get pushed down the page nearly as quickly as it used to, said Jeff Rubenstein, Social Media Manager. Conversely, with the old design many things weren’t as easy to find as they should have been. You’ll now find it easier to give feedback on posts via Twitter and Facebook (both of which had a fraction of their current userbase when we first launched the site). Related content will appear at the bottom of a post, and a string of features can be found in a scrolling ‘red box’ belt right in the middle of the homepage.

More takeovers of the site, like what happened with Uncharted 3, are also planned.

Source: PlayStation Blog