From AdWeek:

A mature campaign for Sony’s PlayStation Sounds like an oxymoron. But how else do you expand the audience for the PlayStation 3 Reduced to $299 and being positioned more as a media center than a mere gaming console, the PS3’s challenge is to appeal to moms, dads and even grandparents (gulp!) without wussing out and alienating hard-core gamers who undoubtedly would flame PlayStation into the next millennium if it came out with hokey ads.

Enter this work from Deutsch/LA, which sidesteps the usual violent, special-effects-packed graphics and sounds to focus on the simple, human and funny.

We’ve been following the massive rebranding of the PS3 as well as these spots from Deutsch/LA, and you can read our bigger analysis in last week’s exclusive the[a]listdaily feature.

AdWeek suggests the television campaign isn t the only place we ll see Kevin Butler, as an ambitious banner campaign is in the works for the end of the year:

The online Q&A campaign, yet to start, will allow PS3 users to submit their own questions to the Butler character via Webcam. He’ll be seen on one side of the screen as the questions are being asked and then, through very cool, synched unit banners, he’ll be shown on the opposite side answering them.

Just another sign that Sony may have finally gotten it right.