Remember The Best Job In The World?

Someone needs to get that guy fired.

Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia had a relatively small $1.7 million budget to try and promote their gorgeous neck of the woods, so they decided to have a job hunt.

In what was dubbed The Best Job In The World, Queensland would pay AUS$100,000 to someone to tour the beautiful island and blog, Twitter and video about their adventure.

Very quickly, media from around the world picked up the story, and over 34,000 video entries were created, with over seven million people visiting the site for more information.

Rohit Bhargava takes a detailed look at the campaign and the reasons why it worked so well.  A choice excerpt:

Make it believable. Many marketing groups would never make a claim if they can’t provide substantial evidence. How might Tourism Queensland prove that their job is the best in the world? They can’t. But it is believable because it is a beautiful place and fits what many people’s definition of a dream job might be.

Sometimes it’s as simple as saying you’re more fun than the other guys, and showing how you are more fun.  Look at how quickly Nintendo Wii has gained mass market acceptance.  It took Nintendo creating a compelling concept, but selling it like mad to the masses through outlets like The Today Show, Oprah and more.

[More reasons at Rohit’s blog]