From Joystiq:

The Facebook page for 5TH Cell’s Scribblenauts is teasing .  . . something. “Get your rooster hats ready!” a message posted on the game’s “Wall” reads. “We have a very special announcement coming very soon . . .” We have no idea what’s being announced, or even when, but it seems really early for a sequel announcement. Maybe another platform Or maybe something outside the game, like a contest. In any case, if you like Scribblenauts, 5TH Cell is going to tell us all something that will probably be delightful.

We’re huge fans of using social media to promote products and connect with audiences, and this is a great example of why it s important. Not only do you get the blogosphere cooking, but your fanbase gets ultra-excited and ready to put the word-of-mouth out there.

Take a look at how they re doing it by clicking over to Facebook.