Ad Age has a list of what they ve chosen as the ten best non-television campaigns of the decade.  In essence, the list is reaching back to when viral was known as community to most, and marketers would execute a street campaign without necessarily videotaping it for YouTube.  For games, nods got to Sega’s pioneering community building campaign for its then NFL-licensed 2K football franchise.  The publisher launched a blog for a fictitious game tester called Beta-7 overcome by the First Person Football feature in its title ESPN NFL 2K4.   The campaign generated massive viewer traffic and impressive engagement for its time.

Ad Age also includes Burger King s innovative decision to create branded games for Xbox packaged like titles boxed for retail and sold for cheap at its restaurants.  The effort benefited from being more than a gimmick, with engaging mini-games using The King character and with up-to-spec Xbox graphics, courtesy of UK game developer Blitz.  Burger King gets a second, well-deserved spot on the list for its seemingly space-time bending Subservient Chicken campaign.

Check out the full list of ten at Ad Age {link no longer active}.