Better late than never, they say. Sony has just launched the PS3 console in the Philippines, almost four years after the U.S. launch. IndustryGamers reports that the system went on sale in the region for 18,999 Philippine Pesos (about $418). That’s for the 120 GB version, while a 250 GB version also launched for about $463. Sony also launched its PSP-3006 system for 9,999 Philippine Pesos (about $220).

The PS3 business is finally hitting its stride and the cost of components has been significantly reduced, so now may be the perfect time to finally introduce the hardware into emerging markets like the Philippines. This is now the ninth Asian country in which Sony has launched the PS3. Sony also recently launched the PS2 in Brazil – some would say in order to combat the threat of a low-cost console from Zeebo. It’s fairly clear from these moves that Sony values growing its business in emerging markets.