Star Trek: Discovery made its TV debut on Sunday, bringing the voyages of Starfleet exclusively to CBS Access. Set roughly a decade before the events of the original series, the show is the first to be developed specifically for CBS’s subscription OTT service. For those outside of the US, Star Trek: Discovery is also being streamed through Netflix.

It has been 50 years since the world was first introduced to the Star Ship Enterprise, and more than a decade since the last episode aired of Star Trek: Enterprise. To celebrate the momentous occasion, CBS created a marketing campaign that celebrates the legacy of Star Trek with a modern approach.

“From the beginning, the franchise has been on the forefront of representation, and Star Trek: Discovery is no different,” CBS says on its site. “Featuring a woman of color in the lead role and the first gay couple in Star Trek TV history, the new show fully embraces and expands on its predecessors’ ideology of progress and harmony.”

Much of Star Trek‘s science fiction has now become science fact. It’s fitting, then, that a Star Trek promotion would take shape on one of the most high-tech consumer products today.

Amazon Alexa now has an official Star Trek skill that offers three daily trivia questions, snippets of interviews and sneak peaks behind the scenes of Star Trek: Discovery.

Alexa is also offering a new feature that lets you change your Echo’s wake word to “computer”—just like the onboard computers on Federation starships. Consumers can also try out different sayings to prompt Star Trek-themed responses from the AI assistant, such as “Alexa, red alert,” “Alexa, beam me up,” “Alexa, what is your mission?” and “Alexa, revenge is a dish best served cold.”

We may not have a real holodeck yet, but augmented reality is pretty cool, too. A new Snapchat Lens is available that transports users onto Star Trek: Discovery backgrounds to share with friends.

Discovery is the name of the Starfleet ship on the new series, but before any details were unveiled about its design, CBS released an interactive 360-degree video. The media takes audiences on a fly-by of iconic Star Trek ships NX Enterprise (Star Trek: Enterprise), the NCC-1701 Enterprise (Star Trek: The Original Series) and the Enterprise D (Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be Star Trek without new worlds and civilizations. CBS is introducing a new alien race to the franchise called Kelpiens. One of the Kelpiens, Lieutenant Saru, is portrayed by veteran actor Doug Jones (HellboyPan’s Labyrinth). Even the Klingons—who have been a key part of the franchise since the very beginning—have a new look for Star Trek: Discovery.

To assure fans that the development team is respecting the show’s legacy, CBS has provided a number of behind the scenes looks into the costumes, characters, props and more.

CBS is using Star Trek: Discovery as a vehicle for its OTT service, offering not only the show but add-ons as well to those who subscribe. Subscribers will have access to every episode of Star Trek: Discovery across multiple devices and be able to watch all past iterations of the TV property, including the animated series.

Episodes of the companion after-show After Trek become available on CBS All-Access following each new episode of Star Trek: Discovery, where new plot twists and fan theories are discussed with members of the cast and crew.