Business Insider reports on results from an AdMob survey of about 1,000 people on mobile device usage between Motorola’s Android, Palm’s webOS based smart phones, and Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.  The news outlet highlights findings including the heavily male-skewed user base for Motorola s iPhone competitor Android.  The survey found 73 percent of Android owners are male compared to 56 percent for iPhone.  It also looked at device usage to find the most prolific app users are on iPod Touch.  Among respondents, iPod Touch owners downloaded twelve apps per month, compared to nine for iPhone and Android.  They also spent an average 100 minutes per day on apps versus 87 minutes for Palm owners, 80 minutes for Android and 79 minutes for iPhone.  But when it came to device loyalty, iPhone won hands down with 91 percent of respondents saying they would recommend the device.  That’s compared to 84 percent for Android and 69 percent for Palm webOS.  Business Insider provides more highlights then links to AdMob’s brief on the survey.  Check it out at Business Insider {link no longer active}.