Chris Wright has announced that he has launched a new marketing agency to support independent game developers called Surprise Attack. THQ Australia’s former marketing director is running with campaigns for developers The Voxel Agents, Bane Games, Pixel Elephant and Small Green Hill, for free until January 2012.

“As someone about to enter their fourth decade of gaming, I’m incredibly inspired by the current surge of independent development,” commented Wright. “With this new breed of developers, comes the need for a new breed of support services. Our job is to make their games a success and let the developers focus on making fantastic and fun experiences, secure in the knowledge their output will receive the marketing support it so deserves.”

“We continue to grow and learn as creative game developers, but we still don’t know marketing,” added Simon Joslin, creative director at The Voxel Agents. “Chris will fill the void with research, strategy and product launch experience. It looks like a perfect match.”