Tillman, the board riding bulldog, has his own viral video for Activision’s Tony Hawk Ride. The video shows the canine putting his quadrupedal board balancing skills to work on the game’s skateboard peripheral, and seemingly pulling off solid virtual tricks in the game. It’s a great tie-in, one that’s natural even if the dog’s abilities in the video come across as very much staged. That’s because those in-the-know, likely including the game’s marketers at Activision, know that this dog has proven ride talents. The best part of the video just might be how, while people can be partially seen and heard exclaiming off-screen, the only other participant waiting to play is another bulldog.


The video made Ad Age’s latest top ten viral video chart, measured at more than 780,000 views in one week alone. It had about 745,000 total views on YouTube at the time of this post.


Watch it at YouTube.